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How to brew coffee with a French Press

1. What you need

  1. French Press

  2. Hot water (about ~96°C, 225g)

  3. Freshly ground coffee (15g)

  4. Weighing scale

  5. Timer

2. How to brew

Electric kettle

Firstly, heat up your water to 96°C. If you do not have a variable temperature kettle, you can boil your water to 100°C and let it cool for a minute.

Digital scale to weigh coffee

Next, weigh out your coffee. It is approximately five teaspoon scoops of coffee.

Grind coffee into French Press

Then, grind your coffee and pour them into your French Press.

Pouring hot water to brew coffee

Once your water is boiled up to 96°C, start your timer and pour in 225g of water. You can use the timer on your mobile phone!

Give a good stir to saturate the coffee better

Gently stir to saturate all the coffee grounds and place your plunger back for better heat retention. After that, patiently wait for 4 minutes for the coffee to brew.

Plunging the French Press

After 4 minutes, gently press down your plunger to avoid agitation. At this point, if you find it hard to plunge, you might have grind the coffee a tad too fine. Conversely, if you can plunge without much resistance, then you might have grind the coffee too coarsely. Adjust your grind settings the next time round!

Serve and enjoy!

3. Tips

  1. Get freshly roasted coffee beans (our coffee flavors peaks when it's rested for at least 7-10 days).

  2. Grind coffee fresh for the best possible experience. Pre-grounded coffee often loses its freshness and flavors really fast.

  3. Use filtered water. Distilled water don't work and alkaline water might dampened the acidity, resulting in a flat-tasting coffee.

  4. If you find your coffee too strong, you can add in a little water.

  5. And if you feel your coffee is a tad watery, you can try adding in more coffee in the next brew.

More brewing guides will be shared soon!

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