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Uncle Tan Tiong Hoe wants you to keep learning

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Pen and book on a table top for studying, with a coffee mug

Since young, we have been conditioned by our education system to read, study and learn as much as we can to advance through the education levels. But why is it that once we start to get comfortable, we'd stopped learning?

"It's easy to stop wanting to hustle when you have achieved what you wanted to achieve." - Brian Kurian on Complacency Is The Poison That Kills Us Slowly

In the video below, Mr Tan shares his coffee journey and his thoughts on learning coffee. Even though the video was filmed five years ago, Mr Tan's wise words still resonates strongly within us - to always remain humble, and thirst for knowledge (and coffee of course).

The Coffee Student

From time to time, you can find Mr Tan in Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee cafe to share his thoughts, insights and his coffee drinking culture to customers and friends alike. For all his life, he unceasingly share his love for coffee and the joy of drinking coffee to anyone and everyone that cross his path. He believes that coffee is not just simply a cup of caffeine, but an art - a beverage that is full of history, filled with expressions, and brimful of hard work and dedication. For those who had experienced his sharing firsthand, we hope that it has inspired you to explore and find out more about coffee. And to you who has yet to meet Mr Tan, we sincerely hope you'll get to have a conversation with him one day.


The video above is created by Singaporean of the Day, a project created by a group of friends, through conversations with people from all corners of Singapore. They talked to people on the streets, in the malls, at coffee shops, schools, void decks and even trains, to catch a glimpse of their dreams and hopes for this little island we call home. Here's their YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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