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Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher
  • Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher

    We strongly recommend a Store Pick-Up for this item, as any damages during the shipping will not be borne by us.

    Surprisingly, perfect spout and handle alignment is not a high-priority of milk jug manufacturers. Motivated to find just one precise pitcher that met Matt’s standard for competitions, the BH milk pitcher was born. This pitcher is meticulously aligned in all directions down to the millimeter. At the same time, we beefed up durability to withstand constant use behind bar.


    • Inspected to be perfectly aligned, down to one millimeter
    • Made of thick 0.9mm stainless steel
    • Perfectly aligned handle and spout for consistent and symmetrical pours
    • Laser welded, fully flush handle, guaranteed to last
    • 400/600ml capacity
    • Choose between a stainless steel exterior or a space black environmentally friendly electrocoat, dissolved into the metal, and thus no peeling or chipping
    • Versatile spout created for high accuracy and no dribbling


    We highly recommend for a store collection for this product as any damage caused during shipping will not be borne by us. Visit the FAQ page for our shipping policies.

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    Color: Stainless Steel
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