Colombia La Palma y El Tucan (Legendary Series)

50g Raw Beans

Aroma of florals, honey and apricots. Acidity of pineapples, stonefruits and bergamot. Notes of pineapples, lychees, sweet cherries, red apples and raw honey. Complex sweetness and very balanced.

Origin: Cundinamarca

Altitude: 1740 masl

Varietal: Gesha (Legendary Series)

Harvest: October - November

Processing: Lactic Fermentation

For the past five years, La Palma y El Tucan have been fostering four souls amongst their unique terroirs, each one as rare and unique as the last. Those coffees represent only 10% of their limited production, carefully cultivated and processed. They have commited time and resources into experimenting with different fermentation processes. This allows them to achieve better cup profiles year after year, while ensuring the consistency of their previously successful ones.

The Legendary Series scored 92 points on the cupping sheet, presented in 12.5 Kg bricks. There are only 4 bricks available worldwide. This coffee only makes up of 1% of the production of the farm, making it extremely rare and unique.

Lactic fermentation is classified as 'anaerobic' as oxygen has minimal interaction with the cherry and there is no agitation. The coffee cherry is placed in sealed tanks after they are hand sorted upon arriving at the wet mill. The removal of oxygen during this stage encourages a higher concentration of lactic acid as a result of the mucilage carbohydrate fermentation, which in turn contributes to the organoleptic profile of the resulting cup. The main variables are measured initially and several times throughout the processing because they will be altered by the existing micro-organisms. The intended profile from this fermentation is an intense, very sweet, chocolate-y and buttery coffee with winey acidity and a velvety body that results from the higher lactic acid content present in the cup.


Fermentation Time
Aerobic: 23 hours

Anaerobic: 61 hours


Drying Time

Raised Beds: 8 Days

Mechanical Drying: 50 Hours



Altitude: 1740 Masl

No. of coffee trees: 3500

No. of harvests: 5th


"Our farm has relative humidity levels that can go up to 90% on average; this is particularly the case during harvest season when rains are present most of the time.

We believe this condition is ideal to influence the temperature ranges in our microclimate, as well as the luminosity levels. This ends up causing a relative “stress” condition to our plants that may positively affect the concentration levels of organic acids and storage of sugars in their system; a very favorable condition when planting coffee.

However, high relative humidity levels also present a big challenge when drying coffee, making it the trickiest variable that has certainly limited our ability to process natural coffees in the past.

Since 2016, our country started to experience the consequences of “El Niño”, a climatic pattern that severely alters the regular conditions as a consequence of warm currents that come from the oceans. As a consequence of this, our country experienced one of the most signicant dry seasons in its history; some say we experienced temperature levels that had not been registered in the last 136 years.

We started to notice how this phenomenon was clearly aecting our microclimate as well; the decreasein the relative humidity levels became a small window of opportunity for us to try and accomplish one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever encountered in terms of processing.

Processing Naturals was finally presented to us as a one-time opportunity by this brutal environmental condition, and we went ahead and risked our most precious coffees to this small window of opportunity. We believe we scored right on target!

Now, after the experiment we are coming to realize that with very small batches, it is likely that we will be able to continue doing limited amounts of natural processed coffee! These coffees are not only a result of one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced in terms of processing, but also a result of many different climatic conditions that were aligned at the time. Both variables needed in order to enable this opportunity to our team.

So the reason WHY we did it is because whenever we have a chance to innovate and challenge what surrounds us (even our own microclimatic conditions) we take it and we make it better, always in pursuitof a better result." - La Palma y El Tucan

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