El Salvador Finca Patagonia

El Salvador Finca Patagonia

1kg Raw Beans

Hazelnuts, chocolatey.


Origin: Apaneca-Ilamatepeq Mountain Range, Finca Patagonia

Altitude: 1250 masl

Varietal: Bourbon


Processing: Washed

Finca Patagonia has been owned by the Salinas Family since the late 1800s and was one of El Salvador’s premier farms for many years. The farm was divided into three parts in the early 1980s when the original owners’ three children took over as the next generation, and the larger part of the farm was kept by the eldest son, Julio Salinas. The farm is made up of 14 hectares which look towards the Pacific Ocean and has the potential to produce around 500 bags of coffee annually.

In March of 2013, Oscar and Christian Schaps decided to buy Finca Patagonia from their uncle Julio Salinas after learning that he had put it up for sale. The Schaps brothers are fourth generation coffee producers in Guatemala and owners of the well-known farms Finca Los Caballitos and Finca Santa Paula, and at the time they had been considering investing in El Salvador in order to pursue new challenges and expand their portfolio of coffees. Patagonia was a must for the Schaps brothers since this farm was their grandfather’s, and they could not bear to see it go out of the family. Since then, the brothers have been working this farm and hope to make a Patagonia of the past into a Specialty Coffee farm of the near future, just like their farms in Guatemala.

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