Ethiopia Konga Amederaro

Ethiopia Konga Amederaro

200g Filter Roast

Aroma that of tropical fruits like jackfruits and dark cherries. Acidity that of blueberries, plums, and has flavors close to prune juice. There's cocoa, rum and a winey aftertaste.

Origin: Konga Amedararo

Altitude:  1999 masl

Varietal: Local Landraces & JARC 74 Selections

Processing: Long Anaerobic Fermentation

Varieties of coffee grown here are traditionally referred to as ‘heirloom’ by exporters – a catchall terminology which often masks the wide assortment of varieties that may be present within various regions even, within farms. Many of these varieties will have been developed by Ethiopia’s Jimma Agricultural Resarch Centre (JARC), which, since the late 1960s, has worked to develop resistant and tasty varieties for the Ethiopian coffee industry and also to provide the agricultural extension training needed to cultivate them.


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