Indonesia Gayo Senja Wine

200g Filter Roast

Malty and hops aroma, with stonefruit sweetness. Hints of clementine in the acidity and soft spices in the aftertaste.


Origin: Bandar, Bener Meriah, Aceh Province, Sumatra

Altitude: 1500 masl

Varietal: Catimor (Ateng)

Harvest: May - August
Processing: Wine processing


Wine processing is a variation on the natural method that Indo CafCo has perfected. Cherries are delivered directly to Grain Pro bags, where they are left to ferment for one week. Then, they are delivered to raised beds where they will be sorted as they dry, removing underripe and damaged cherries until only the best are left. They will be regularly turned until the humidity reaches 12%.

The name of this coffee is meaningful. ‘Gayo’ refers both to the region and an ethnic group. Geographically, Gayo is a region within the Aceh Province and Gayonese will be used to describe the ethnic group indigenous to the area. In the Indonesian language, "Senja" means dusk. It suggests that Gayo Senja is best to be enjoyed after office hours – the perfect coffee for kicking back and relaxing.


Do note that the coffee will be dispatched in whole beans only, unless stated otherwise. 

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