Kenya Yara AB

Kenya Yara AB

1kg Raw Beans

Pink grape fruit, bubble gum, raisin.


Origin: Kiambu Country, Ruiru, Yara Estate

Altitude:  1600 - 1650 masl

Varietal: SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11


Processing: Washed

This exceptional AB lot was produced at the Yara Estate, near the town of Ruiru in Kenya’s Kiambu County. The land surrounding Kiambu is blessed with deep red volcanic soils, rich in organic matter and perfect for coffee farming; meaning the farms 174 hectares can produce 1,400 MT of cherries annually.

Situated to the South of Aberdare ranges and of Mt. Kenya, the Yara Estate was initially established by a British settler in 1902. Originally growing other produce such as maize, beans and lettuce, it wasn’t until 1930, when new owners took over the Estate, that the first coffee crop was planted. From then on, Yara became a coffee-producing farm. The Estate continued to be managed by different settler families until in 1971; Gatatha Farmers Co. Ltd was formed by local residents, who today manage the Estate.

Processing at the Yara Estate adheres to stringent quality-driven methods. All coffee cherries are handpicked and are delivered to the mill the same day, where they undergo meticulous sorting. Factory (as washing stations/wet mills are called in Kenya) employees oversee the process, making sure that any underripe or damaged cherries will not be accepted. After being weighed and logged the cherries are introduced into the hopper to be pulped. Pulping will only begin when a sufficient quantity of cherries has been received.

Do note that the coffee will be dispatched in whole beans only, unless stated otherwise. 

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