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    Thanks to KRUVE's tiered sifting system, you can remove both Fines (small particles) and Boulders (large particles) to achieve a consistent grind size and an incredibly even extraction. This means you get the exact flavour you want every time. Whether you want to follow recipes more accurately, calibrate your brewing equipment, or make the perfect coffee, the KRUVE Sifter is your solution.

    Fine-tune your flavour extraction! With two tiers and up to 15 interchangeable sieves, you have the ability to select the precise grind size you need, regardless of the brew method or grinder you use.





    • 6 interchangeable sieves (200μm, 300μm, 400μm, 600μm, 800μm, 1000μm)


    • Accurate coffee recipes: Replicate recipes with confidence, measuring your grind size in quantifiable micron units.  


    • Precise grinder calibration: Get the most out of your grinder. Quantify arbitrary numbers on a dial or vague settings like “Fine, Medium, Coarse”


    • Consistent grind size: Refine your grind for greater consistency and use only the size of particles that you want for a truly even extraction.


    • Customizable: Up to 105 precise grind size combinations are available.


    • Versatile: Works with any brew method or grinder, optimized for 1-4 cups of coffee (10-80g of grounds). 


    • Beautiful and durable: Designed using long-lasting quality materials, which complement your kitchen.


    • Easy to clean: Simply rinse under warm water.

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