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Module 1.1: Coffee Flavor Appreciation

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In this module, you'll get to learn in-depth understanding of coffee tasting. You will be equipped with the technical knowledge in coffee tasting, as well as learn to apply this knowedge to practical coffee cupping (coffee tasting). We will be going through several exercises to build your palate memory!


We will be going through theoretical knowledge for the first part of the module and then go into the practical application of the knowledge in the next part.


Module outline:

  • Brief introduction of the processes from coffee bean to cup, how each step affects the taste of the final cup
  • Introduction to roasted coffee and their aromatic volatile and non-volatile compounds
  • Introduction to Flavor Wheel
  • Introduction to SCA Cupping Form
  • Modality test tryout
  • Smell training
  • Palate memory building
  • Flavor association practice
  • Putting everything together to cup coffee

Duration: 120 - 150 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None
Recommended for: People who are interested in cupping, coffee enthusiasts, home brewers, beginners
Minimum participation rate: To ensure the viability of conducting this module, we require a minimum sign-up of 5 partipants and a maximum of 8 participants. In the case that we do not meet the minimum sign-ups, you will be notified and we will reschedule your session to our next available date.

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