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Module 1: Introduction to Coffee and Coffee Appreciation

Next class: 18 April 2020 Saturday, 9.30am - 11.30am
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What is so special about specialty coffee? Why is everyone raving so much about specialty coffee? What is the difference between specialty coffee and your daily cup of kopi-o-siew-dai? If these questions are something you constantly puzzle about, this is the perfect module for you!

In the first part of the module, you will be introduced to the charm of specialty coffee, and also be exposed to the various components of specialty coffee. Then in the second part, you will be able to taste coffee from multiple origins and grasp on how to appreciate specialty coffee.

Module outline:

  • The history of coffee
  • Introduction of Specialty Coffee, the various steps from bean to cup
  • Differences between specialty coffee and commercial coffee
  • Discussion of various coffee processes (traditional processes such as dry/wet/honey vs experimental processes such as semi-carbonic/XO/Lactic fermentation)
  • Learn how to taste coffee (basic cupping)

Duration: 120 - 150 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None
Recommended for: Anyone who is keen to learn!
Minimum participation rate: To ensure the viability of conducting this module, we require a minimum sign-up of partipants and a maximum of 6 participants. In the case that we do not meet the minimum sign-ups, you will be notified and we will reschedule your session to our next available date.

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