Peru La Coipa

Peru La Coipa

1kg Raw Beans
Aroma of yellow flowers, acidity that of citrus fruits, and comes with a roselle tea finish. 

Origin: El Mexico & El Cedro, El Cautivo, San Ignacio

Altitude: 1850 - 1900 masl

Varietal: Typica, Red Caturra, Pache

Processing: Washed

Coffee processing techniques in the region are tried and tested methods of production, often passed down through the generations. Harvest season for La Coipa spans from June to October. The process begins with the cherries being selectively handpicked, before being sorted by hand into ripe and over ripe. Next, the coffee is pulped: each producer has their own de pulper located on the farm, often close to the house. Once the coffee has been de-pulped, the beans are placed in a wet fermentation tank for anywhere between 30-36 hours, depending on the climate. Finally, the coffee is washed and placed on raised beds to dry for around a month (25-30 days) depending on the level of rain.

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