Seasonal Espresso Blends Subscription Plan
  • Seasonal Espresso Blends Subscription Plan

    Freshly roasted specialty coffee beans delivered to you with our coffee subscription and never run out of coffee beans to brew. Save up to $58 on coffee beans and shipping! On top of that, no additional shipping charges upon checking out!


    How does it work?


    - Choose the coffee beans that you want, length of your subscription and pay for the first month upon checking out. For subsequent payments, it will be an automatic recurring payment.

    • Recurring payment will end when your subscription ends.


    - Your subscription will be processed on the same date of every month (the date you check out this order) and will be delivered to you between 3 to 5 working days after the processing date.  


    - Receive 2 x 250g freshly roasted Seasonal Espresso Blends right at your doorstep monthly. 

    • Good for 1 to 3 cups (15 - 20g per cup) daily for a month. 


    - Rotation Sequence: 2 x Jet Candy -> 2 x Missing Ruby -> 2 x Smoky Quartz -> 2 x Druzy One-Eight .

    • The cycle will start from January and repeat every 4 months.
    • For example, in April, you will receive 2 x Druzy One-Eight, and in May, you will received 2 x Jet Candy.


    Do refer to our Subscription FAQ for more information. 

      PriceFrom $34.00
      Tax Included
      Price Options
      One-time purchase
      3 months ~Save $8
      2 x 250g Seasonal Espresso Blend
      $36.00monthly/ 3 months
      6 months ~Save $23
      2 x 250g Seasonal Espresso Blend
      $35.00monthly/ 6 months
      12 months ~Save $58
      2 x 250g Seasonal Espresso Blend
      $34.00monthly/ 12 months