Smoky Quartz (Seasonal Espresso Blend Subscription)

Smoky Quartz (Seasonal Espresso Blend Subscription)

Freshly roasted specialty coffee beans delivered to you with our coffee subscription and never run out of coffee beans to brew. Save up to $58 on coffee beans and shipping! On top of that, no additional shipping charges upon checking out!


Acidity: Medium-low

Flavors: Hazelnuts, caramel and brown sugar

Body: Malty mouthfeel

Finish: Chocolate, roasted peanuts

Blend of:

  • 50% Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa
  • 50% India Monsooned Malabar AA

How does it work?

  • Choose the length of your subscription and pay for the first month upon checking out. For subsequent payments, it will be a recurring payment.
    • Recurring payment will end when your subscription ends.


  • Your subscription will be processed on the same date of every month (the date you check out this order) and will be delivered to you between 3 to 5 working days after the processing date.  


  • Receive 2 x 250g freshly roasted Smoky Quartz right at your doorstep monthly. 
    • Good for 1 to 3 cups (15 - 20g per cup) daily for a month. 


    Do refer to our FAQ for more information. 

      How'd you like us to deliver your coffee in?
      Price Options
      One-time purchase
      3 months ~ Save $8
      2 x 250g Smoky Quartz monthly
      $36.00monthly/ 3 months
      6 months ~ Save $23
      2 x 250g Smoky Quartz monthly
      $35.00monthly/ 6 months
      12 months ~ Save $58
      2 x 250g Smoky Quartz monthly
      $34.00monthly/ 12 months

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