Super Seven (Seasonal Espresso Blend)
  • Super Seven (Seasonal Espresso Blend)

    250g Espresso Roast Coffee Beans


    Acidity that of purple berries, with bergamot sweetness and a winey impression.


    Acidity: Medium-high

    Flavors: Raisins, grapes, bergamot

    Body: Light on the tongue

    Finish: Winey

    Blend of:

    • 50% Mexico Guadalupe Zaju
    • 50% Costa Rica Don Alfonso

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    Following our gemstone series, Super Seven is created with the intention of offering a medium-high acidity coffee which packs a mouthful of complex flavors. 

    Super Seven, is an extremely rare mineral with seven crystals in one. We thought that this blend exhibits a variety of flavors without being too overly acidic.

    Do note that the coffee will be dispatched in whole beans only, unless stated otherwise.

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