Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale
  • Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale

    We strongly recommend a Store Pick-Up for this item, as any damages during the shipping will not be borne by us.

    Timemore Black Mirror basic coffee weighing panel, available in black with white LED.



    • Scratch-resistant matte texture - Delicate matte touch prevents scratches and fingerprint marks.
    • High quality - Rigorously tested. 1600mAH high-capacity lithium battery lasts for 10 hours. Type C charging port.
    • Accurate performance - Accuracy up to 0.1g, precise timing and a 3-second standby/auto-shutdown.
    • Waterproof silicone pad for insulation - High temperature insulation and waterproof and non slip function. Keeps the surface free of water stains and dirt.
    • Reset button 
    • LED backlight display - Easy to read in both bright and low light




    We highly recommend for a store collection for this product as any damage caused during shipping will not be borne by us. Visit the FAQ page for our shipping policies.


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