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Module 3: Basic Coffee Making (Hand Brew)

Next class: 26th April 2020 Sunday, 9.30AM to 11.30AM

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In this module, you will learn to hand brew yourself a cup of coffee. We will mainly be focusing on the V60 brewing device for this module.

For the first part of the module, you will be learning how the various variables in your brewing affects your cup of brewed coffee. Then, we will apply these knowledge in your practical session to fine tune your brew!

Module outline:

  • Understanding the different factors affecting a brew
  • Explanation on how each factor matters
  • Guided hands-on
  • Learn how to taste and improve your taste palate
  • Learn how and what parameters to adjust to improve your brew
  • Brief demonstration to other common brewing devices (eg. Kalita Wave, French Press, Aeropress, etc)

Duration: 120 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None
Recommended for: Anyone who is keen to learn, coffee enthusiasts, home brewers, beginners
Minimum participation rate: To ensure the viability of conducting this module, we require a minimum sign-up of 2 partipants and a maximum of 3 participants. In the case that we do not meet the minimum sign-ups, you will be notified and we will reschedule your session to our next available date.

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