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Our Story

Better coffee, for all

Our Story

Inspired by Mr Tan Tiong Hoe’s undying passion for coffee, Jacob and co-founder Juliana came together in 2014 to establish Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee Pte Ltd. Situated in the heartland area in Queenstown, Mr Tan Tiong Hoe’s office of more than 20 years was renovated into our cafe today. 

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee started off as a wholesaler, supplying specialty coffee beans and coffee equipment to F&B outlets. Our storefront was initially designed to only showcase the various coffee machines and equipment that we supply and retail. We would also hold occasional workshops and classes to share our knowledge with the public and our customers. However, business was slow and these weren’t enough to satisfy our curious customers. They were attracted by the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee and now they wanted to know how our coffee tasted!

Soon enough, we have customers streaming in to ask for a cup of joe, for a place to sit, and to chat over coffee. And that is how our cafe came to be.

Fast forward to today, we now carry at least 20 different origins of specialty coffee from Africa, Asia, South and Central America. Beans are available for retail, both greens and roasted ones. We house three Q-Graders as well, certified to taste and grade coffee. 

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee exists not only to provide quality coffee products, but also to inspire a sense of endearment, comfort and nostalgia in brewing a cup of specialty coffee - that final step from bean to cup. And to meet the changing needs of the industry and our consumers, we constantly push ourselves and insist on providing the best to those who love and share the passion for a great cup of coffee. We set ourselves always on the lookout for better coffee, and endlessly developing ourselves everyday to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

And this is how we envision Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee to be:
Better coffee, for all.

Humble Beginnings of Mr Tan Tiong Hoe


Mr Tan's coffee journey began in 1960, when he was accepted as an apprentice in a Dutch coffee company named Mirandolle Voute & Co (S) Pte Ltd to learn coffee roasting at the tender age of only 16.

For the past 50 years, Mr Tan has unceasingly been reading up, developing deeper knowledge in coffee and coffee roasting. While at the same time, he continuously imparts invaluable knowledge to the younger generations who are keen to learn. Even today, you can find Mr Tan in the cafe, sharing his thoughts, knowledge and coffee drinking culture to customers and friends alike.

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